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About three years ago, a good friend of mine inspired me to do something about my health. I was about 25 pounds overweight and my doctor was concerned with the amount of fat I carried in my mid-section. I am forever grateful to her for introducing me to homeopathy. In about eight weeks I released 27 pounds and improved so many different aspects of my health. Today, I'm honored to help others do the same. In the past three years, I have enjoyed meeting and working with some of the most incredible and inspiring people! I enjoy sharing this program (The Next 56 Days - aka #thenext56days) and teaching people about eating healthy. In #thenext56days we get people to try some things at the grocery store they probably have passed by many times. My friends call me "thefoodguy" because I'm always feeding them new recipe ideas we create (brownies, cookies, pastas, and many more delicious things even your kids will eat.) In our courses we focus on 4 vital aspects: releasing fat, balancing blood sugar, detoxing, and lessening inflammation by balancing minerals in the body. I look forward to working with YOU too!

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