More than Just a Dog

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DavieLiFE is thrilled to have Jane McAllister with the Humane Society of Davie County as our newest guest blogger!  Jane will be posting for us regularly, but we’d love to hear from you!  What topics would you like her to blog about?  Comment below with your suggestions or just say THANK YOU to Jane for communicating via and for a job well done!

Meet DavieLiFE Guest Blogger, Jane McAllister of the Humane Society of Davie County

“It’s just a dog”…how many times have we heard someone say that in response to a situation where a dog has been abandoned, injured, abused, or killed? “It’s just a dog” ….really?

Say that to the parents whose family dog alerts them to their child’s dangerously low blood sugar in the middle of the night. Run that past the person living with epilepsy, PTSD, or blindness whose service dog enables them to literally leave the house and experience their community in a way they could not otherwise.

See what a family says about that when a tracking dog has located their missing child in the woods, or a family dog has slept on that lost child enabling them to survive overnight in the elements.

Ask a mother how she feels about that statement when time with a reading dog has given her child more confidence and reading skill.

RescuedI wonder how nursing home staff would react to that statement when therapy dog visits provide a welcome social interaction for their residents and often bring a response from the residents when nothing else does.

Try that statement out on law enforcement, military personnel, and first responders who work with highly trained and skilled dogs to perform their duties. “It’s just a dog,”… really?
We are meant to be good stewards of this earth and the creatures on it. Surely it is time for us to step up to that responsibility and treat those creatures with respect, care, and good will. We may just be surprised at the outcomes and find ourselves saying, “Wow, what a dog!”

Among the ordinary health benefits of pet ownership are lower blood pressure from stroking our dog or cat and more exercise for people who walk their dogs, not to mention companionship, connection, and solace in times of stress or loss. Both pets and adopters benefit from taking home a new pet from the Humane Society.

Please ADOPT your next pet and always SPAY or NEUTER.  You can visit the Humane Society at 291 Eaton Road in Mocksville or online at and be sure to check out the featured pets that are available for adoption on


About The Author

I bask in a sweet spot in life in Davie County, serving as director of the public library and as president for the Humane Society. A Wake Forest undergraduate studying business and history, I also played intercollegiate volleyball which took me to my first national tournament. A subsequent ten years of playing national amateur volleyball in USAV brought my husband of now 32 years and additional national tournaments. I went on to earn an MBA from the University of Virginia and Masters of Library Science from UNC-Greensboro. My husband and I moved to Davie County in 1990 and feel blessed to have met many wonderful people over the years. As a newcomer to the library, I learned Davie County history from James Wall and Doris Frye. Given the positions I occupy professionally and as a volunteer, it comes as no surprise that my interests include diving into good books, catering to our dogs’ whims, hiking, traveling, and working both crossword and jigsaw puzzles.

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