3 Qualities to Look for in a REALTOR®

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Meet DavieLiFE Guest Blogger, Amanda Cranfill of Hillsdale Real Estate Group

Oct15_HREG_Amandas_homeWhen I was looking to buy my first home, I remember being thankful for the opportunity I had in the real estate business with professionals I could trust and that would guide me through the process. Now, I can use my years of real estate experience to help others ask the right questions so that they can be confident they are making the right choice for them.

Using your brother’s best friend’s aunt is one way to go about finding a Realtor. But I suggest doing your homework. Here are 3 qualities to look for in a REALTOR ® and right real estate professional:

1.     Choose someone you feel comfortable around. As my Dad always told me, do a gut check. Does your agent have a friendly, caring attitude? Do you feel like you can trust this agent to work hard for you? Does this agent make you feel confident that you are in the right hands? If so, you’re off to a good start.

2.     Find someone with the right experience—and reputation. How many years has your agent been in the business and what is his/her success rate? What are previous clients saying about their experience with him/her? Word of mouth is so important in real estate, and it can be a strong indicator of the experience you will have.

3.     Make sure your REALTOR® really listens. The most important sign of a really good REALTOR® is the ability to listen to your concerns and desires. If they are good listeners you can feel pretty confident that your entire selling experience will be a successful one.
As long as you remember to follow these three steps, you’re sure to find a real estate professional who’s dedicated to making sure your buying and selling experience a successful one.

Amanda Cranfill, founder of Hillsdale Real Estate Group, and her team of real estate professionals work together to help clients achieve their goals by going All In For You.

About The Author

Amanda Cranfill is a longtime real estate veteran who assembled the core group of dynamic Realtors at Hillsdale Real Estate Group. She loves being a part of such a strong group of smart, friendly and successful women. A wife and mother of two, plus a family pet Vizsla, she is a tennis state champion with a generous heart for serving others in the Advance community. Her family is active at Calvary West and you’ll find them this fall cheering for their children’s field hockey and baseball teams.

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