Summer Memories of Davie County

As seen in the June 2017 Issue of DavieLiFE

Davie County is a great place to enjoy summertime. Whether you have memories from years gone by, or are making new memories of your own, they’re all very special. Some Davie County residents shared with us what summertime in Davie County means to them and boy did it provide us with a trip down memory lane! If you weren’t included in this special section, you can still send us your memories of Davie County! Email your memories, along with a photo of you or your family, to and you could be featured here.

Every year, one our favorite things to attend is the Piedmont Antique Power Association’s Tractor and Engine Show. We enjoy participating in the games they have and driving our tractors in the parade. Dustin’s family has been heavily involved with helping put the show on for 10 years +. We love that our young daughter, Bailey, will get to see all the tractors and engines this year.
Amber & Dustin Bostick
Pat Miller remembers when Davie County consisted of nearly 50 dairy farms and now there are only a couple left. Memories include a time when everyone knew their neighbors and people did things with each other and for each other. Entertainment could be as simple as riding his bike from Pino to Farmington to get a hair cut at Hugh Brocks Barber Shop, and stopping by the store for five cents worth of candy.
Pat Miller

Having both grown up in Davie County, we knew that after spending 10+ years living in other parts of NC (Raleigh/Chapel Hill and Charlotte) and even abroad in Europe, when it was time to raise our family, we wanted to return “home”. We wanted our children to grow up in a community that believes in their education, a community whose people believe in one another, and a community where there is pride…not just for the past, but also for the future. That past and future includes summer fun at local farmers’ markets, strawberry patches, music festivals, recreational & sports camps across the county, swimming with friends and just enjoying time in this community that means so much to us.
Alan & Tiffany Lakey & family

Davie County has always offered people many entertainment venues. For a lot of people, golf was the go-to way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon. My entertainment preferences always seem to be a little different. As an outdoorsman, depending on the season, you might find me in the classic “Field & Stream”. At a young age, I became very acquainted with the South Yadkin River; either in a kayak or my duck boat. Whether it’s my son and I setting up a boat blind in the river, or us running the “Big River” to our secret fishing spots, the outdoor memories I have in Davie County are ones I’ll always cherish.
T. Kyle Swicegood
One of the highlights of summer was anxiously awaiting the annual Masonic Picnic. As a teenager, you wanted to make sure you had the right outfit and great hair because school always started the following week and this was everyone’s first chance to see everyone since school had let out. It was a huge deal and we always thought the rides and food were amazing! Other memories included good old fashioned fun like damming up the creeks to make water holes, and all the neighbors helping each other bale hay so animals would make it through the winter. Of course, Sunday afternoons always included lunch at grandma’s house with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and fresh apple pie. And, who could forget riding the dirt roads and hanging out at Buck’s on Friday nights.
Kathy & Pat Miller & family
Allison Staley’s summer memory is the Masonic Picnic. Growing up in a family full of Masons (her dad, uncles and grandfather), the event was something the whole family enjoyed. Attending multiple nights to take in the games and rides, and attending the actual picnic lunch was a summertime highlight.
Allison Staley
Looking back on 23 years of summer memories in Mocksville, there are almost too many to list. I remember running through the yard chasing lightning bugs, shooting baskets with my brother and sister, and swinging on the swing set in the back yard that my dad and grandpa built. Upon venturing beyond on our house and yard, I remember “Monday night” classic car shows and seeing the cars roll into town on those hot summer nights. Venturing a little further down the road, I remember the nights that my daddy would go to help with the Masonic Picnic to sell tickets and beyond that were the sights and sounds of all the different foods and rides that came with the infamous Masonic Picnics, and you cannot forget the community lunch day on Thursday. I can remember many nights spent at Mocksville Legion Baseball games. As I got older, summer time meant different things. Summertime meant mission trips and youth group gatherings. Summertime has meant planning Vacation Bible Schools for the next generation to begin making their own memories and friends. It has also meant leading and directing a church Summer Day Camp at First United Methodist Church (where I also have many memories of patriotic concerts, apple pie and ice cream) and church in the park, as well as most recently summertime meaning nights spent at Center ball field and the lower softball field at Rich Park, where I was introduced to and met my now husband. (Allison’s full summer memories can be viewed here.)
Allison Lambert Gupton
A special thank you to Kathy Miller for her help in compiling this section!