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Meet Wendy

Wendy Horne is the founder, publisher and editor of DavieLiFE magazine. Following the birth of her third child, Wendy knew that she wanted the opportunity to be at home with her children but still “keep her feet wet” in the world of marketing and advertising. The vision of DavieLiFE eventually made its way to reality, allowing her to enjoy both the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom while still allowing her creative juices to flow. Today, Wendy leads the growing magazine dedicated to the community she calls home.

The magazine is not the only thing that Wendy focuses on.  Over the years, she has worked privately with a number of businesses, helping them with marketing efforts including electronic media, website development and public relations.  One of her favorite parts about this is the opportunity to work with small and new businesses.  Now, Wendy is ready to dive into the world of internet marketing for her own business and looks forward to sharing some of her personal experiences related to starting a woman-owned business, along with things that have worked, and things that haven’t.  In addition, Wendy is excited about discussing her journey to better health that began a little over two years ago when she discovered a program by the name of The Next 56 Days.  She credits that discovery with finally understanding what it means to eat clean, but also being able to help others in her community adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Wendy has been married to her husband Jason for 20 years, and they are the parents to three amazing boys, Mason (17), Nate (15) and Owen (12). She thanks God (not often enough) and her lucky stars for the opportunities her business has blessed her with and the fact that God chose her to be the wife to a great man and three wonderful young men.

Meet Molly

Molly Ridenhour is the account manager for DavieLiFE magazine. Shortly after the birth of her second little one, and after spending many years working in a family business, Molly realized that she wanted to continue doing something that allowed her to closely work with the community that she had grown up in, while still being able to be home with her small children. What started as a “trial run” with DavieLiFE, Molly is grateful to consider her position now much more than just a “little job”, but more of a partnership that has led to a successful working relationship and friendship with Wendy for over six years now.

While the magazine is what Molly initially thought she was interested in, this “little job” has become so much more! From quarterly magazine ads to working with clients on special projects and marketing efforts, Molly enjoys the array of work that allows her the opportunity to be a creative, productive, flexible, work-at-home mom! Marketing was never something that was a part of Molly’s initial career path, but she has found her calling in this line of work. She is very excited about jumping into the blogging world with Wendy, sharing Another Slice of Life with the community she lives in and loves!

Molly has benefitted greatly from the willingness of others to share their experiences and knowledge and she hopes to do the same here. Her personal experiences with food allergy management is something that is close to her heart and she is eager to share. And let’s not forget the fun…fashion and shopping will always have a piece of Molly’s heart so expect to hear from her in that department as well!

Molly has been married to her high school sweetheart Drew for 13 years, and they are the parents to two fun and energetic boys, Mack (9) and Wade (almost 7). She is so thankful for the chance to raise her boys in the same wonderful place that both she and Drew were raised, surrounded by friends and family.

DavieLiFE Magazine

DavieLiFE is a premier lifestyle magazine serving all of Davie County, North Carolina. The mission of DavieLiFE is simple: to inform area residents of local businesses and services that will assist them with better living in Davie County!

DavieLiFE magazine is a FREE publication and is available throughout Davie County and the surrounding areas in the Piedmont Triad. It is distributed to numerous retailers and businesses in the area. Copies of the magazine can also be found in Davie County Schools, restaurants, public libraries and other locations of high foot traffic.

Although DavieLiFE is FREE, subscriptions are available. Subscriptions are perfect for former residents wanting to stay up-to-date and also make great gifts. For more information on subscriptions, please contact us.

Another Slice of LiFE

Over the years, fans of DavieLiFE magazine have made repeated requests for additional issues, and in general, just “more” of DavieLiFE. Although quite flattering, the magazine’s editor/publisher, Wendy Horne, struggled with what would be a good balance for readers, advertisers and the magazine’s staff. After tossing around a number of different ideas, the solution seemed to lie with the the creation of Another Slice of LiFE.

What is different about the “e-publication” is the blog-style functionality that is utilized. Offering a clean, uncluttered design, improved functionality and rich content, the blog offers content that readers have requested. The site isn’t like most blogs meaning that it will not be “niche specific”. A variety of topics ranging from health and wellness, to marketing strategy, to tips for entrepreneurs, the blog incorporates a wide range of subject matter as well as guest writers who share personal experiences and knowledge. Finally, the blog welcomes opportunities to work with others and appreciates creative suggestions and proposals to build the site’s readership and appeal.

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