Are you looking for the best protein shake for gut health (and weight loss)? Then stick around and learn why I credit the Purenourish Protein shake with improving my gut health and reaching my weight loss goals with The Next 56 Days. This shake is made with high quality ingredients, isn’t flavored so you can adjust the taste to what you’re craving and is one of the best for limiting sugar intake.





What Is Purenourish Made With?



PureNourish is a pea protein shake that is designed in a delicious and simple way. Each serving combines 14 essential vitamins and minerals with high quality protein, natural enzymes, and 28% of the daily adult fiber requirement in a satisfying supplement shake. Purenourish is different in the fact that it is designed to improve gut health. Containing probiotics and prebiotics for accelerated assimilation of nutrients, increased intestinal health and a stronger immune system, Purenourish is a unique formula that delivers protein, fiber and a healthy dose of the “good” bacteria you need to have a healthy gut.





Purenourish is the Best Protein Shake for Gut Health and weight loss




Why do I think Purenourish is the best protein shake for gut health (and weight loss)?



Back in 2016, I began following The Next 56 Days, a nutrition program that focuses on releasing fat (losing weight), balancing blood sugar, detoxing and reducing inflammation. Upon starting the program, I was shocked to learn how much sugar I was consuming on a daily basis! One of the best things I walked away with after participating in the program–I learned how harmful sugar is and when you educate yourself on ways to reduce sugar intake, great results follow.




The Next 56 Days taught me so much and a side benefit was losing 20 pounds. One way I accomplished this was incorporating Purenourish shakes into my daily routine. I don’t want people to think these are magic weight loss shakes, because they are not. However, they are made from pea protein–a non-bulking protein that is easy on the digestive system. Additionally, they include less than 1 gram of sugar which prevents blood sugar from spiking, and include the healthy gut bacteria (referred to as probiotics and probiotics) which can heal the gut of issues such as leaky gut and lead to overall better wellness.




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But, how could I tell the shakes were helping my gut?



For years, I had struggled with a strange sensation in my lower left side that I can only describe as a “gurgling” sensation. It wasn’t painful and my doctors weren’t concerned–everything appeared to be fine from a medical perspective. However, it was just uncomfortable and often led to me feeling bloated or like I “needed to go to the bathroom”. I can honestly say that after a week of drinking one Purenourish shake per day, my gut felt normal–no more gurgling! Since then, I have continued to use Purenourish shakes and I know for certain they are what causes my gut to feel normal. How do I know? When I skip a few days, the gurgling is back. Keeping my belly feeling good is worth having one shake a day that honestly is a treat for me because I love the taste!





Here’s one of my favorite shake recipes….



One of the best things about Purenourish shakes is how versatile they are. I’m not stuck having vanilla or chocolate every day. I can choose to flavor them how I like which keeps boredom at bay. I do have to say that I am a chocolate fan so I add Purenourish Power Boost which provides me with the chocolate I crave, but also the amino acids that my body needs. So, here’s one of my favorite shake recipes using both Purenourish protein and Purenourish Power Boost!




–1 heaping scoop of Purenourish Protein
–1/2 scoop of Purenourish Power Boost
–16 oz. unsweetened almond milk
–2 tbsp. all natural peanut butter (I use Smucker’s)
–1/2 of a tart apple
–1 scoop Giving Greens
–1/2 avocado
–generous handful of ice




Combine all ingredients in your blender until it reaches the consistency you prefer and enjoy. FYI, because I add lots of extras to my shake, this is my lunch.











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