As we conclude a very challenging year, let me first start by saying thank you for your continued support of DavieLiFE and the December 2020 issue of DavieLiFE. Like many small business, COVID-19 has impacted us. First, we found ourselves in a state of shock in early 2020 when it seemed the world came to an abrupt halt. Next, we came to know the meaning of the word “pivot” (also, like many small businesses) and quickly began to look at ways we could connect with our readers, but also serve our supporters in a meaningful way. We embraced technology by hosting Facebook Live interviews with our supporters and began delivery routes that very much resemble old-fashioned paper routes. A year ago, who would have thought that businesses would have to totally change their way of “doing business”!

In light of all of the challenges, I find myself being especially grateful for things that I didn’t realize I took for granted. I imagine your list would be very similar to mine — schools, churches, going maskless and toilet paper to name a few. Who knew that
2020 would be the year that we would all just want things to go back to normal!!

In this issue we decided to stick to normalcy and feature the 2020-21 Davie County Schools Teacher of the Year, Pam Cook. This was a normal feature that took on an all new meaning for why educators are worth their weight in gold. Mrs. Cook’s responses reminded me that our educators are resilient and our community has recognized that more than ever during this pandemic.

A new feature in this issue are Words of Hope from Area Churches. During a time when we all need encouragement and a reminder to keep moving forward, I felt our local churches could provide that encouragement better than anyone. I hope you will enjoy these words of hope, and remember that even during times of uncertainty, there is a constant we can turn to.

In closing, hang in there, stay healthy and give your loved ones an extra hug.

Wendy H. Horne, Editor/Publisher

The next issue of DavieLiFE will be published in March of 2021. To learn more about how you can be part of this quarterly publication that is dedicated to Davie County, NC and the surrounding areas, visit us online.

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