Get ready for our Friday Five! Each Friday we’ll be sharing the most popular posts from our newly formed, Mom & Daughter Finds Facebook Group. This week was our first week playing around with the group, trying to find our style, but also seeing what group members are interested in.

Any guesses on what the most popular posts were?? We were actually surprised ourselves, so without further ado, here we go with our first Mom & Daughter Finds Friday Five. (Oh, and read to the end if you want to see why we decided to start this group. 😊)

Friday Finds for March 6, 2020

  1. Ya’ll loved my Good Vibes sweatshirt WITH pockets!
  2. This page loves seeing the ice cream truck heading to your house (oops, I meant the Amazon delivery truck 🚚).
  3. Lots of quinoa fans on the page this week!
  4. Those padded stadium seats and that portable propane heater–you totally agreed with these suggestions for cold weather game gear.
  5. We’re all working to have summer arms and joining in on the group challenge with this 4 minute arm workout!

Why We’re Doing This

Originally our Facebook group was called Closet Clean Out. We realized we had pretty much “konmaried” our closets so it was time to make the page useful again. We changed the name to Mom & Daughter Finds because for those who know us, we love sharing ways to save money, share tips and tricks that make life easier, give shout outs for our favorite “buys” (both online and local, if you are in the Davie County, NC area), suggest healthy lifestyle options (you’ll probably see our love for The Next 56 Days come through), and motivate with things that motivate US!

It just made sense. You see, over the years we’ve shared lots of things through our personal social media accounts, different pages that we manage or are a part of (such as Another Slice of LiFE), and we wanted to make things easier by consolidating things into one place. Ever heard of work smarter, not harder?? 👌

So, with our first week under our belt–we’re having a ball and super excited to share things we find. If you’re reading this and haven’t joined the page, we’d love to have you join us.

Keep in mind that some posts may contain affiliate links which may earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you–no secrets here!

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