One of my favorite things to enjoy during the summertime is a healthy smoothie!  If you’re like me, the thought of eating something cool and refreshing seems waaaaay better than something hot and heavy, and who has time to cook with so many fun things to do.  Unfortunately, smoothies can be unhealthy if you’re not careful.  It doesn’t take long for a “healthy” smoothie to become a calorie-laden milkshake if you’re not extra mindful of the ingredients you’re using to make these yummy treats that I love to use as a meal replacement.

If you’re familiar with our print publication, DavieLiFE, you may have seen a couple of these recipes in our June issue.  If you’re not receiving the magazine, then you’re in luck because we’re sharing these healthy smoothie recipes that Molly and I consider some of our daily go-tos!  On average, these smoothies use less than six ingredients.  We’re also excited to include our nutritional key with these recipes for those of you who may be following certain meal plans or need to be mindful of food allergies.

We’ve formatted these recipes so that you can pick and choose your individual brand of products (for example, protein powders, milk, etc.) when you are whipping these up.  However, we did want to share some of our personal favorites and recommendations in case you were interested.

Because I follow guidelines in place for The Next 56 Days and also 57 Days and Beyond, my personal favorite for protein powder is Purenourish Natural and Power Boost.  These two products have long been a part of my daily regimen because not only do I LOVE THEM both, my belly honestly can’t live without them.

You may have heard over the years that healing your gut is the first step in healing your body.  I am a firm believer in this and believe these shakes have helped me greatly in healing my gut.  What makes these shakes stand out among others that I’ve tried (and trust me, I’ve tried A LOT), is they contain both a prebiotic and a probiotic.  If you’re wondering why this is so important, here’s a little crash course/definition on why both of these are so important to our gut health.  Probiotics add back the good bacteria that our systems need but lose regularly due to poor diets and stress.  Prebiotics help nourish the good bacteria that is in our system so that it can benefit us and also grow.  Both of these together are huge in supporting both our digestive system health, but also our overall immune system.

Aside from probiotics and prebiotics, Purenourish Natural and Power Boost are made of plant based proteins, contain under one gram of sugar and are whey free, gluten free and dairy free.

Another add-in that I recommend is grass-fed beef collagen.  I personally use Zint Collagen Powder for the added protein benefits that are beneficial to our skin (especially as we age), but also for the benefits it provides joints and ligaments.  It may sound gross (grass-fed beef), but it absolutely has no taste–I’ve even added it to my morning coffee!

Again, there are lots of other options out there and we encourage you to experiment with your own ingredients and selections as you enjoy these healthy smoothie recipes!

Again, we’ve added our nutritional key that helps in knowing what program/plan these recipes are approved for–we’re hoping this takes a little bit of the work out of eating healthy!



strawberry sunflower smoothie

(For the shake above, Molly recommends Sunbutter.)


cocoa blueberry almond butter smoothie

(Be sure that if you are following 56 Days or 57 Days and Beyond, you choose an almond butter that is made with ONLY almonds–watch for added sugar!!  Also, the collagen referenced above is the Zint Collagen I mentioned above–remember, this is flavorless so it would be fine to add to any of your smoothie recipes.)


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