Have you ever needed to have your logo enlarged for outdoor signage? Maybe you want to create logo wear for you and your employees so that your brand stays front and center? Have you wanted to do this type of logo marketing for your business only to be told that the logo file you sent doesn’t work?

This is what Osborne’s Tire & Automotive experienced when deciding to advertise their business on large signage at a local athletic complex. The logo that Osborne’s had used over the years had worked for small print projects (ex. business cards, etc.), but when they needed their logo enlarged in way that would represent their business well, they had a problem. Not only was the artwork difficult to recreate, it appeared fuzzy due to the file being low resolution.

This is a common problem that lots of small businesses experience. Often, when the business is started, their logo is created without considering all of the places where their logo will be placed. Eventually, they are asked to provide vector artwork and they don’t know where to turn.

This is where the DavieLiFE team stepped in to assist Osborne’s Tire & Automotive. For many years, the local business has supported DavieLiFE Magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to life in Davie County and also the people in who reside in Cooleemee, Mocksville, Advance, Bermuda Run and the surrounding areas. Their logo was suitable for their print advertising (see below), but when they needed large signage that would be placed at the local sports complex to show their support for Davie Little League, they needed their logo in a different format.

DavieLiFE quickly took Osborne’s existing logo and recreated it in an electronic file format that would allow them to use the logo in ANY way they wanted. After the logo conversion was complete, Osborne’s was provided with a logo that can be used on anything from business cards to letterhead, shirts and ball caps, to large visual displays such as the signage mentioned above at the Davie Little League Complex.

This was the original logo that included elements that added dimension. Unfortunately, the dimension did not translate well onto other mediums and the business needed a file that was much crisper. The client also wanted to retain the overall look of the logo–they did not want a major change.

This was the new file that DavieLiFE produced for the company. By removing the dimension and shading, the logo is now in a format that can be used for anything the company needs.

This was a small project we completed for a customer that will have lasting impact, and moving forward they can be assured that their artwork will always display exactly how they want it, where they want it.

Does your logo need work?

Maybe you need to have your logo file converted. Maybe you want to modify your logo in a way that will allow you to do more with it. Or maybe your logo looks out of date and you want to freshen it up with new colors, fonts, etc. but still maintain the brand your business is known for. Our team is here to help and would love to work with you with you on your very own logo reformat project.

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