Macedonia Moravian Preschool is now enrolling for fall 2021 classes. It’s not uncommon to see the children at Macedonia Moravian Preschool putting on a play, or sailing a ship, or even making an apple “explode.” It’s all part of the play-based learning that happens every day in one of Davie’s most beloved preschools, in operation since 1983.

The benefits of preschool are well documented. From increased reading, vocabulary, and math skills to higher self-confidence and social awareness, preschool is so much more than “play school” — it’s the foundation for learning. Preschool students learn letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. Macedonia Moravian Preschool pre-k students follow the Letterland program used by Davie County Schools kindergarten. This program offers a great head start to letter and sound recognition and supports the curriculum at the elementary level.

In preschool, children also learn important social skills like how to raise their hand, take turns, walk in a line, wait, listen, and share. Positive peer influences is encouraged —everything is easier (and more fun) when you do it with a friend! As anyone with a preschooler can tell you, there’s nothing they love more than asserting their independence! At Macedonia Moravian, we help encourage independence and celebrate every success.

At MMP, classes are offered for two-, three-, and four/five-year-old children, helping them develop the skills needed for success in “big school.” MMP also has a Mother’s Morning Out program for our youngest friends, giving them an introduction to our love, Christian-based learning environment. We offer a variety of enrichment activities including Spanish, art, music, chapel, story time, and science. Recognizing the unusual times we live in, we have increased sanitation, added enhanced filtration to our ventilation, and follow guidelines set forth by the CDC and the Southern Province of the Moravian Church. We believe that a proactive approach will help keep us all healthy and happy.

Well over a thousand children have been students at MMP over the past 38 years. Children have become parents, parents have become teachers, and we’ve all become a family. We believe in the importance of making every child feel happy, safe, and loved. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit our website at www.mmpreschool.net, or contact Kelly Hines at 998-6492 or mmpreschool@live.com.

This post originally appeared as an article in the March 2021 issue of DavieLiFE as Macedonia Moravian Preschool Now Enrolling for Fall 2021

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