I recently had the opportunity to address a special group.  My remarks were based on a conversation with someone who compared what we are dealing with now, to turbulence during a flight.  How do the two compare?  It was shared with me like this.

If you’ve ever had the experience of flying, the pilot tells you to put on your seatbelt because it’s likely that things will be a bit rocky as you lift into the air. Once you reach soaring altitude, the pilot comes across the intercom and in a reassuring voice, tells you that you can remove your seatbelt and move about the cabin.

You’re cruising along thinking everything is smooth sailing when the pilot makes an address over the intercom asking you to put your seatbelt back on because of possible turbulence ahead.  But things feel fine, why are we having to change course??

There is a slight bump, then some bigger bumps–you’re quickly reminded that the pilot gave the heads up that things may get a bit rocky.  Luckily, as quickly as the bumps present, they pass and the pilot comes back in his reassuring voice and says, you can remove your seatbelt.

I can only describe what has been going on lately as unfortunate turbulence.  We’re all adjusting and doing the best we can, anxiously waiting for smooth air to prevail.

Hang in there and remember that none of us love the situation we are in.  We’re all ready for things to be normal again.  We’re probably going to see some turbulence over the next few weeks and months, but if we stick together, I feel in my gut that things will be ok.

Wendy H. Horne, Editor/Publisher

In the 2021 Back-to-School Issue of DavieLiFE:

  • Page 6: Local Business Provides One-Stop Shop for All Things Beautiful
  • Page 8: DavieLEADS Professional Development Provides Lifeline for Teachers During Pandemic
  • Page 14: “My child is struggling in school … could it be their vision?”
  • Page 17: A Davie Hidden Treasure
  • Page 17: Ballfield Memories that Never Fade
  • Page 25: We Are LOCAL.
  • Page 27: Local Group Committed to Providing Hope, Love & Faith
  • Page 29: Davie High STEM Center Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
  • Page 31: Five Reasons to Join the DavieLiFE Family
  • Page 34: Davie County Virtual School Joins the Davie County School Family
  • Page 35: Back-to-School Special Section (Click to Download the Full DCS School Calendar)
  • Page 41: Ashley Furniture Internship Offers Davie Students Real-World Experience
  • Page 45: Q & A with Davidson-Davie Enrollment Counselors
  • Page 46: Tips to Help you Save Time and Be On Time
  • Page 47: 2021-22 Davie War Eagles Football
  • Page 49: Artfully Curated Home Design for Everyone
  • Page 52: Farmington Community to Host Big Anniversary Celebration
  • Page 56: Bringing Joy & Hope
  • Page 60: Today’s Opportunity to Invest in Tomorrow
  • Page 65: Understanding Foster Care – Meet the Rothberg Family
  • Page 68: How Do I Start?
  • Page 72: Plan a Visit to Your Davie County Farmers Markets
  • Page 74: Directory of Advertisers

The next issue of DavieLiFE will be published in December of 2021. To learn more about how you can be part of this quarterly publication that is dedicated to Davie County, NC and the surrounding areas, visit us online.

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