Balanced blood sugar, weight loss, detoxing your body, reducing inflammation–these are just a few of the benefits you can expect with The Next 56 Days in 2021! You may have heard of this program that has changed thousands of lives, first in North Carolina, and now across the United States (and the world), but do you know what makes the program work?

Why The Next 56 Days is Different from Other Programs

The Next 56 Days approach focuses on three primary areas, which often result in an average loss of 15-20 pounds for participants who follow the 8-week program. To fully understand what makes the program difference, you need to know what those focus area are:

Balancing Blood Sugar: Our blood sugar determines how we feel, whether good or bad. A balanced blood sugar provides an increased level of energy, in addition to controlling hunger and sugar cravings.

Detoxing the Body: Toxins are stored in the fat in our bodies from years of emotional stress, environmental pollutants and eating processed foods. Detoxing allows us to release these harmful chemicals from our bodies.

Reducing Inflammation: When our bodies get sick, it’s our cells that get sick and inflamed. The most effective method for healing the body is to approach healing on a cellular level. Understanding the ingredients we feed ourselves is the key to reducing inflammation.

The End Result…..Releasing Fat: Balancing blood sugar, detoxing the body, and reducing inflammation will not only give our bodies a surge of energy and increase our mood…it ultimately leads us to a place of health in which our bodies begin to naturally release fat.

What Can You Expect from The Next 56 Days in 2021

You can expect to eat real, delicious food and learn things about your body and the ingredients in foods. You can expect to learn new cooking methods, how to eat healthy (and still yummy) when dining out, and you can learn how to make something a lifestyle–finally ridding yourself of having to go on a diet.

>> Testimonials from successful participants.

How It All Began

At the age of 27, Steve Teglas (aka Steve the Food Guy) was told after a routine visit to his doctor, he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the doctor wanted to categorize him as pre-diabetic. Growing up in the south and being raised on southern food, the task of losing 25 pounds (as his doctor recommended) seemed daunting. Steve didn’t lose hope–instead, he began educating himself on effective ways to get his health under control. Eventually, Steve shared his personal and effective approach with his friend Carrie Hicks (a registered nurse who had grown frustrated with the results she was seeing with a pre-diabetes program recommended by a health insurance company). The two merged their individual knowledge and approaches, and proceeded to help a small group of individuals release 20-30 pounds over Thanksgiving and Christmas! It was then they realized they were on to something that could help people live a healthier life.

The Next 56 Days Steve Teglas and Carrie Hicks

The Next 56 Days Today

For many years, The Next 56 Days held small, in person meetings where participants met weekly to learn about the foods they were eating, how the food impacted their bodies and to support one another in reaching their goals. As with most things since COVID-19, The Next 56 Days has had to change their delivery method, but the end result for participants is still the same. In fact, COVID has allowed the program to reach an even larger number of individuals who are looking for ways to address health concerns, lose weight and feel better. Currently, all classes are conducted online and participants enjoy live, weekly videos that instruct them on how to be successful with the program; but they are also assigned a personal coach who is available to help them with individual issues as they make their way through the program.

See What the Program is All About with a FREE Introduction

Prior to the start of classes, participants are offered and encouraged to take part in a free introduction where Steve Teglas (i.e. Steve the Food Guy) and Carrie Hicks share the details of the program. The introductions are aired on his Steve the Food Guy Facebook page. Following the introduction, participants who want to enroll in the 8-week class are given information on how to enroll.

Would You Like to Give The Next 56 Days a Try in 2021?

If your answer is yes, first head over to the introduction by clicking this link–this will give you the information you need to make an educated decision. After watching, you will be instructed on how to enroll, when classes will begin, etc. You can also save on your enrollment by using the promo code DAVIE56.

Do you know that you’re ready to sign up (no need to watch the introduction…you’re ready to get started)–click here to register.

The Next 56 Days is a program that works and has changed thousands of lives. If you’re even slightly interested, give it a try–what have you got to lose!

the Next 56 Days Online Classes 2021

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