Companies, regardless of their size, need an identity that allows them to connect with both current and potential customers. That identity conveys a company’s character and can be a powerful tool in establishing them as a reliable resource for those seeking a product or service.

For years, DavieLiFE has been more than just a magazine–working with many businesses to help them create their identity and brand through the development of websites, logo designs, social media strategy and much more. This year, DavieLiFE wants to share some of our projects with you so you can see how we are so much more than just a magazine. The first project that we will be highlighting is our work with valued client, Fleming and Williams, LLP.

The Client

Fleming and Williams, LLP was established in 2020 by attorneys Tammy Fleming and Brian Williams. When they opened their doors they had a combined knowledge of legal matters, years of experience in the legal field and a passion for helping the people of Davie County. But what they did not have was an established brand, a website where prospective clients could easily find the help they needed or a logo that accurately represented the business. 

That’s where we came in. Our team met with Tammy and Brian to hear about what they had envisioned for their website, their logo and overall brand messaging. 

“Wendy Horne and I have been friends for years,” said Brian Williams. “I have admired the work that she and her team have done with DavieLife.  I knew that Wendy, Molly and the other team members could help with advertising for Fleming & Williams with the magazine, and with web design.  I also learned they could help with logo design as well.  It was great to find one organization that could help our new law firm accomplish so many vital tasks.”

The Process

To launch our workflow, we started with the logo design. 

We asked Brian and Tammy simple questions–did they have a particular shape in mind; if they wanted only words, only symbols or a combo of both; and which colors they would like to see–this part of the project seems basic, but it is key to have these answers so that the project can move in the right direction from the start. From there, we went to the drawing board and created a sample of logos for the client to choose from. 

Why is this an important first step? A business logo identifies the company and is EVERYWHERE—on the website, on business cards, on stationery, on social media, on the exterior signage and pretty much anywhere else you can think–this is a step you don’t want to neglect and it’s important to get it right.

“I worked closely with Molly Ridenhour on this aspect of our business. Molly was absolutely amazing.  She spent so much time helping us fine-tune the logo for Fleming & Williams,” said Brian. “I believe she helped us create a logo that helps us establish a brand for our firm.”

Once Tammy and Brian collectively chose a logo, we moved on to the website. Our team is equipped to build a website, provide the content, purchase the domain and provide hosting, integrate social media and optimize the website for SEO functionality. But it’s up to you on how involved we are. If all you need is help designing the website, we can do that. Or if you need assistance with the entire project, our team can handle that as well. 

For the Fleming and Williams project, our team was involved from concept to completion. 

With specific fonts, layout, site map and colors in mind, we went to work building out the website. Our team researched and worked with Brian and Tammy to make sure we understood the nuances of their field, the language that should be used when discussing their particular areas of expertise and also what should not be used. Many people can be overwhelmed with the thought of providing all of the content needed on a website, but we can take that burden off of you. 

With all projects, we make sure that our client websites are compatible on mobile and desktop for no additional cost. According to Statista, nearly 50% of all website traffic is conducted on mobile devices, so we want to guarantee you’re not missing out on 50% of all leads. 

As part of the design, we can assist with photography. From recommending photographers, researching and purchasing stock images, or providing a shot list for your photographer, we can assist with this visual design element when requested. 

The Launch

Finally, once the logo, website design and copy were approved by Fleming and Williams, the completed project was presented to the world! Our client had final say so with all aspects of the project allowing them to have total confidence in the final product. Another “peace of mind” we provided the client–we managed the launch of the website and were available at all times to troubleshoot, should any technical issue arise.

The Logistics

At the beginning of the project our team discussed the client’s timeline and provided an estimate. Our goal was to develop a timeline that worked for Fleming and Williams. With all projects, we recognized that every project is different based on the needs of the client, the number of revisions, whether you’re lining up the website launch with a product launch, etc.

As far as the cost, our estimate for Fleming and Williams was based on client requests and overall complexity of the project. In the case of this client, we were proud to deliver a project under budget.

As a small business ourself, DavieLiFE understands the value of a dollar and we strive to provide fair and competitive pricing for our clients. That’s why you only pay for the hours we spend on the project. No inflated costs; no hidden fees.

The End Result

Fleming and Williams has a commitment to excellence, and so do we. The DavieLiFE team strives to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver high-quality products that result in a high return on investment and offer a user-friendly experience. 

We firmly believe that it’s your job to conduct your business, and it’s our job to make it so you can.

“The experience of working with Wendy, Molly, Amber and Jordan was awesome.  From our logo design, advertising in DavieLife, website construction to the article in DavieLiFE–we have been tremendously pleased. I would highly encourage any business to reach out to them for help with your marketing needs.”

Brian F. Williams, Attorney

If you want to learn more about DavieLiFE’s marketing and web services, visit us at https://www.davielife.com/sum5web/

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